Gratitude for historic moment

Members of the Church in Japan participated in the dedication of the Nauvoo Illinois Temple via satellite and were impressed that the Church is literally filling the whole earth.

"I think this temple bears testimony to the whole world, especially to those who believe in the Bible, that the prophecy of Daniel 2:44 has been fulfilled," said Atsuko Matsuda, of the Tokushima Branch, Takamatsu District.

Members from all over Japan were touched by the dedication experience and the opportunity to participate with leaders of the Church.

"Thanks to the satellite broadcasting we were able to attend the dedicatory service, and I felt as if I had been in the same room with the president of the Church and some of the Twelve Apostles," said Masako Suzuki of the Sagamihara Ward, Machida Japan Stake. "I felt fully how well God's work is going forward."

Shun Komura of the Hirano Ward, Osaka Japan Stake, said: "I went to the Nauvoo Temple dedicatory service together with my father, mother, sister and grandmother. I first thought I might get tired to be seated and watching the satellite broadcasting for two hours." Then the 15-year-old continued: "But once President Hinckley and other leaders began speaking, I forgot about time."

Fumiko Nozaki of the Fukui Ward, Kanazawa Japan Stake, said she lives in the countryside and the Nauvoo dedication was the first time in her 52 years she was able to participate in a meeting via the Church's satellite system. "President Hinckley's and the other leaders' talks about the tribulations of the saints . . . touched me so deeply," she said. "Their example of enduring trials and their all-sacrificing faith in the Lord so touched me that I could hardly hold back my tears."

Rie Takanezawa of the Suginami Ward, Tokyo Japan Stake, said: "This was a great experience for me. I believe there was great joy among those pioneers of old and the people beyond the veil."

And Seiichi Takahashi of the Ageo Ward, Tokyo Japan North Stake, said: "I felt as if I had been in the Nauvoo Temple. I was filled with deep gratitude for this historical moment."

"I was filled with respect and gratitude to our ancestors who obeyed God and His leaders whatever the circumstance," said Takako Miyakawa of the Atsubetsu Ward, Sapporo Japan Stake. "I have strongly committed to do the same. Through the Nauvoo Temple reconstruction, I have come to strongly know that the Lord is requiring us to engage more willingly in His work and in temple work. I am grateful that I am a member of this Church, and I am proud of it."