'Like a dream': The miraculous conversion story of a family in Rome that's blessed generationsAgostino and Pierina Vardeu were baptized members of the Church in June 1978. Married since 1961, they are among the most influential longtime members in Italy, and they've passed their love of the gospel down to four generations so far.
Agostino and Pierina Vardeu are surrounded by some of their grandchildren. The two older boys pictured have served full-time missions.
How one Utah community continues to minister to a missionary shot 21 years agoSporting a white shirt, tie and name tag, Orin Vooheis sat in his electronic wheelchair smiling at people as they entered the American Fork Deseret Industries on July 11. As always, his wife Chartina was by his side.
Orin Voorheis, with his wife, Chartina, by his side, works as a greeter at the Deseret Industries in American Fork, Utah, on Wednesday, July 11, 2018.
Shining moment: This member has contributed 25,000 hours of service since retirementAfter retiring from his career, Bob Anderson immediately started working full time as a volunteer at the local bishop's storehouse.
Shining Moment
NYC Mormon Arts Festival uncovers story of Elder McConkie's brother, highlights culture of LDS ChurchBruce R. McConkie had a brother who at one point seemed more poised to become famous than the well-known apostle.
Scott Holden performs at Carnegie Hall.
Watch this video from 'His Grace' series on finding hope after bullying, suicidal thoughtsA young man shares his experience with bullying, depression and thoughts of suicide in the latest 'His Grace' video.
In the latest installment of the 'His Grace' videos, JaQuavious shares his experience with bullying and thoughts of suicide.
Interpreting, volunteering for the 2018 World Cup is no sweat for these Church membersThe chance to volunteer at the World Cup has been embraced by several Russian members.
A Church member volunteers at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
Missionary service inspires BYU-Hawaii grad to create food charity in the PacificMissionary service taught Eritai Kateibwi to love helping others. Education gave him the tools to do so. Now he's helping his home island come back from the brink of desertion.
From left to right, Elder Daniel Kitchen, Sister Rebecca Kitchen, Sam Williams, Tioromaea Taunun and Eritai Kateibwi stand by one of Te Maeu's hydroponic gardens on the island of Kiribati.
How following the prophet's challenge to 'take a break from fake' blessed more than just youthSince President Nelson issued the challenge on June 3, thousands of Latter-day Saint teenagers have responded. But the prophet’s invitation has been accepted by more than just youth.
From left: Mike Sorensen, Hanna Sorensen, DeAnn Sorensen, Jan Wright, Macy Sorensen, Ron Sorensen, Camille Sorensen, Chad Ford and Claire (Sorensen) Ford. The family stands outside the Seattle Washington Temple on June 23. Macy Sorensen facilitated the sealing of her mother, Jan Wright, after receiving a prompting while participating in the prophet's social media fast.
Church members turn to politics and ask 'What's a need in my community and how can I fill it?'Getting outside of comfort zone and being civically engaged has given these members an opportunity to share their beliefs.
Shari Buck in a promotional campaign video. Buck has been involved in her community and politics for over 10 years ever since receiving a reply to a letter she wrote Elder Holland.
Fire away: Manti Pageant right on target with arrows in Samuel the Lamanite sceneThe scene was set and the stage crew was ready to fire arrows at Samuel the Lamanite. There was only one person that pageant leadership forgot to tell about the arrows: 17-year-old Joshua Peterson, who stood on the wall playing Samuel the Lamanite.
Joshua Peterson, 17, plays Samuel the Lamanite in the Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti, Utah. Peterson was unaware that the June 2018 performances and dress rehearsals would be the first year arrows would actually be shot at the Samuel character.
We asked what songs you want included in the hymnal and over 400 respondedOn June 18, the Church announced that it would be revising its “Hymns,” and “Children’s Songbook” in order to bring members together across the world in song.
On June 18, the Church announced that it would be revising its “Hymns,” and “Children’s Songbook” in order to bring members together across the world in song.
Sunbeams: The unexpected ways Primary children contribute to the Manti pageantLocal Primary children pick up trash from the Manti temple grounds every morning after performances of the Mormon Miracle Pageant, despite many of them having been up late the previous night participating in the pageant.
Children from around Sanpete county, Utah come to the Manti Utah Temple grounds early on June 21 to clean up any leftover trash from the Mormon Miracle Pageant.
How basketball, dating and marriage taught this LDS Philanthropies director about focusThrough her experiences in college and beyond, Tanise Chung-Hoon learned deliberate discipleship.
Tanise Chung-Hoon greets LDS Business College students after speaking during the weekly devotional held in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square on June 19.
10 responses on how President Nelson's devotional inspired LDS young womenThe faith of our Latter-day youth is extraordinary. Their willingness to answer the call of the Lord through our prophet is an example we must follow. Accepting the prophet’s challenges will not be an easy task, but the Lord will strengthen them.
Abby Crane participated in the prophet's challenge to select an activity to give up as a sacrifice of time to the Lord. She said, “I feel God hastening His work through us. I was impressed to make a goal to set aside time each week to go to the temple and I am going to start doing family history and bringing my own names.”
From plumbing to pipe organs: How one man restored President Packer's beloved instrumentBoyd Young was a master plumber for most of his working years before he began playing with a different kind of pipe.
A before-and-after photo of President Boyd K. Packer's newly restored pump organ. President Packer taught at the Brigham City seminary from 1949 to 1955 and bought his classroom's organ when he left. The Packer family donated the organ back to the seminary in 2015.
Why 2 years in Samoa weren't enough for this returned LDS missionaryTaylor Avei, a young man from Farmington, Utah, finds happiness through serving the people of his heritage.
Taylor Avei in Samoa, where he served with the Rheumatic Relief Program.
How one senior missionary continued to serve after losing her husbandWhen her husband passed away on their mission, Julie Sennett decided to continue serving without him.
Julie Sennett decided to complete the mission she and her husband, John, started together even after his tragic death.
Church leader reflects on personal struggles with restriction of the priesthood before 1978Elder Fred A. Parker, an Area Seventy, shares his personal struggle to find faith amidst discontent with the priesthood restrictions prior to 1978.
Elder Fred A. Parker, Sixth Quorum of the Seventy
How this South Pacific athlete's search for God led him to the ChurchAfter noticing team members who didn't smoke or use alcohol, Loka Manuopuava found himself interested in what made them different and found the Church because of them.
Loka Manuopuava and his wife, Anne, were baptized after being introduced to the Church through Loka's teammates.
Centenarians for June 2018Notices of members celebrating 100 years or more.
Notices of members celebrating 100 years or more.
Choice blessings: How a calling to serve the YSA of Florence changed the Ferrinis' livesAccepting a call to serve as Institute teacher for the YSA in Florence was an easy choice for long time Church member Anna Perongini Ferrini; but she never imagined the blessings that choice would bring her family.
Bruno and Anna Perongini Ferrini direct the institute program in the Firenze Ward.
'You're going to survive this': LDS actress talks about overcoming trials and losing her son to drug addictionDuring her son's struggle with addiction, and after his death, Shaunna Thompson found peace through the Savior.
Shaunna Thompson and her family. Chase (second from left) passed away from a drug overdose in 2016.
Mormon Newsroom Canada features members recalling 1978 revelation40 years after the revelation that all worthy men could hold the priesthood, church members in Canada remember their feelings about the announcement.
Walter Saunders and his wife, Tina, in 1980.
Church participates in Seventh Day Adventist religious liberty forumThe public affairs and religious liberty forum was hosted by the East Jamaica Conference of Seventh Day Adventist church on May 20.
Rafael Gutierrez, Public Affairs Director of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Caribbean, speaks at a Seventh Day Adventist religious liberty forum.
Youth in Zimbabwe enjoy 'wonderful, life changing month'The young men and young women of the Marimba Zimbabwe Stake enjoyed a month full of experiences that built their testimonies.
Young women in the Marimba Zimbabwe Stake attend Young Women camp.
Filipino youth, Church leaders use app to capture family historyOver 100 youth in the Philippines participated in a stake activity aimed at documenting and saving family history information online.
Youth and members of the Makati Philippines Stake learn how to use an online app to preserve valuable family history information.
Church-sponsored humanitarian projects allow hope to fall like rain on parched Mexico townTrio of Church-sponsored welfare projects will improve crops and lives in tiny town once dependent upon rainfall to quench their fields.
Yesenia Gutierrez Peñaloza, director of Construyendo Esperanzas AC, speaks with volunteers from the "Helping Hands" program out of Pachuca, Mexico.
Unique 'Pioneer Day' event celebrates heritage of Black, Jewish, Native American and LDS pioneersMore than 3,500 people in the Inland Region of Southern California experienced a unique "Pioneer Day" celebration that included Mormon, Black and Jewish pioneer history, as well as Native American, Spanish and Polynesian heritage.
Area Seventy Kevin K. Miskin, center, and his wife Robin, left, taste salsa prepared by sisters from the Upland 4th Branch during San Bernardino Heritage Day.
Why one LDS grandfather takes his grandchildren to the temple every FridayFor the past six years, Tom Miner has taken his grandkids who live near him in the Bountiful area and who are of age to participate, to perform baptisms at the Bountiful temple following their early release from school nearly every Friday afternoon.
From left, Isaac Miner, Miles Calder, Alexa Calder, Hailey Miner, Makaila Hoge, Tom Miner, Elizabeth Miner, Savannah Miner, Austin Miner and Jacob Hoge stand outside the Bountiful Utah Temple. For the past six years, Tom Miner has taken his grandkids to the temple every Friday afternoon.
The power of ministering: How the enduring faith of members overcame 'The Freeze' in GhanaWhen the government outlawed the LDS Church in Ghana for 18 months in the late 1980s, members of the Koforidua Branch ministered one by one to stay connected and faithful.
Emelia Ahadjie, left, greets Juliet Akrong in Accra, Ghana, on Friday, April 20, 2018.
BYU engineering students design priceless gift: improved mobilityCombining professional training with charitable impulses, young engineers craft mobility-enhancing hand trike to attach to wheelchairs.
BYU engineering student Nicole Laws tests a hand-trike that she and a group of fellow students designed for LDS Charities. The hand-trike attaches to Church-produced wheelchairs.
Family history moment: How an 89 year old member found her Scottish clanSearching for connections to her Scottish ancestry, Laura Adams was led on an unexpected adventure to a small town in California's Mother Lode area along the Mokellume River.
Family History Moments about a entry helping a woman complete her search for an ancestor.